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Periodic environmental movie nights. Enjoy local wine food and environmental films.

Ten Things

Learn how to calculate your carbon footprint - and how to reduce it.

Population Connection

As the United States' population hit 300 million in October 2006, the nation's largest population group, Population Connection, has an action plan to tackle population growth - a factor that causes and/or exacerbates other problems as diverse as traffic congestion, overcrowded classrooms, childhood asthma, and global warming. Clicking this link will take you to another site.

Population Education

Stay abreast of the news and learn ways to reduce your impact.

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Stay abreast of the news and learn ways to reduce your impact.

Periodic Green Rheem film nights are a chance to socialize with friends at the historical Rheem Theatre in Moraga, CA. Participants enjoy local wine and appetizers before the film and then watch an educational documentary .Think Global, Eat, Drink and Shop Local. Attendees are introduced to local vendors for food and wine and learn about key issues facing the health of our community.

Save these dates:

Green Sangha Presents:

Tuesday May 18th, 2014 7PM

Film: Plastic Paradise

Green Rheem Theater

350 Park Street, Moraga

NO Wine & Appetizer Sampling

7:00 PM Film (Please stay for discussion panel afterwards.)


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Generation Green events strive to be zero waste. We encourage ReUse before Recycle. Using reusable glassware first, and compostable paperware second. We discourage the use of all single-use plastics. Please consider adopting these policies at home and for your parties and events!