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Herbal Consultant



A holistic approach to health is mandatory for healthful living. You must take responsibility for your overall lifestyle including proper habits, diet, nutrition, rest, and exercise. Lynda is a certified herbal consultant, assists with symptom diagnosis, herbal supplements, and treatment. She applies knowledge of plants and chemistry in preparation/extraction of quality tinctures, teas, supplements, and toiletries for medicinal purposes.

Lynda Deschambault, B.A., B.S., and MBA,has more than 15 years experience working in environmental testing laboratories Now she has applied her knowledge of plants and chemistry to the organic and inorganic extraction of plants for medicinal purposes. She has studied under Pam Fischer at the Ohlone School of Medicine, completed Rosemary Gladstar's program, is a Reiki certified practitioner, and has 6 years of applied experience in alternative healing.

Lynda is available for herbal consultation, treatment, and purchase of herbal supplements. She also provides guided educational plant identification walks, and formal classroom instruction on plant extraction techniques.

For Herbal Consultation information and rates, please contact Lynda.

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Herbal Consultation

We take a holistic approach to every situation with each of our clients. This is essential when using herbal supplements or any types of alternative medicine. Each system relates to all other systems of the body. We spend a significant amount of time with each client, reviewing all systems and all history prior to any discussion of recommended herbal supplements. Each client must attend a full initial consultation and complete a full intake analysis form.

Standard Fees

The first consultation lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours for $100 Each followup session is approximately 1/2 hour for $35.

Fresh herbal supplements, commonly called "tinctures," are available at $6.00 an ounce, and teas are available for $4.00 an ounce. Call us for a current list of products, or check out our list of some of the local herbs cosmetics, lotions, soaps, syrups, gargles. and more.

Herbal Supplements

Our liquid extracts, or tinctures, are convenient to use and are more concentrated than teas or capsules. Grain alcohol (ethanol) is the solvent used to extract the phytochemicals from the herbs. The alcohol also serves as a preservative to ensure freshness.

Liquid extracts require the use of ethanol for proper extraction and stability of the product. Many medicinal plant constituents are not water-soluble and will not be extracted in standard teas.

Alcohol often releases the widest variety of compounds in an unchanged form. Alcohol tinctures are great for rapid assimilation by the body and their positive effects are often quickly noticed. All of our tinctures are fresh, sterile, and prepared using liquid/liquid chromatography. These tinctures can be take directly or placed in hot water, teas or juices.