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Herbal Overview

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An holistic approach to health is mandatory for healthful living.You must take responsibility for your overall lifestyle including proper habits, diet, nutrition, rest and exercise.

Lynda Deschambault, B.A., B.S., and MBA, is a certified herbal consultant. In addition to more than 15 years experience working in environmental testing laboratories, Lynda has applied her knowledge of plants and chemistry to the organic and inorganic extraction of plants for medicinal purposes. She has studied under Pam Fischer at the Ohlone School of Medicine, completed Rosemary Gladstar's program, is a Reiki certified practitioner, and has 5 years of applied experience in alternative healing.

Lynda is available for herbal consultation, treatment, and purchase of herbal supplements such as Echinacea and St. John's Wort. Email her at:

Teas, Tinctures, Etc.

Lynda applies her knowledge of plants and chemistry to the organic and inorganic extraction of plants for medical purposes. With more than 15 years of Quality Control testing and chemical extraction experience, you can be assured of high quality products.

Our liquid extracts, referred to as "tinctures," are convenient to use and are more potent than teas or capsules. Grain alcohol is used as the solvent to extract the medicinal value from the herbs and as a preservative. Alcohol tinctures are rapidly assimilated by the body, and their effects are quickly noticed.

We prepare our tinctures by masceration or percola-tion according to U.S.P. methods. They can be taken as is or in hot water or tea which will dissipate the alcohol. Liquid extracts require the use of ethyl alcohol for proper solubility and stability of the product. Alcohol releases the widest variety of compounds in an unchanged form. Alcohol is the universal solvent for substances used in tinctures, and adequate substitutes do not exist.

In addition to a variety of tinctures, we offer teas, capsules, first aids and cosmetics (such as salves, astringents, hand creams, face scrubs, and tooth powder).

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Commonly Used Herbs

Here are some of the herbs that are commonly used.

Anxious? Depressed?

St. John's Wort or Hypericum perforatum has been used as an anti-depressant, sedative, and in the treatment of anxiety and tension.

TMJ? Tightness in the Jaw?

Kava Kava or Piper methysticum is be an effective pain reliever/muscle relaxant for the neck and jaw.

Muscle Tension? Joint Pain? Sciatica?

Elephant's Head Pendicularis groenlandica was traditionally used as a skeletal muscle relaxant. Said to take adrenalin-stressed muscles and decrease their tone and rigidity.

California Poppy


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