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Classes and Workshops

We offer a number of classes and workshops

Herbal Workshops

Actual duration, topics, and specific details of each workshop can be customized to meet any need. Contact us if you are interested in participating in upcoming events or would like to schedule an event. One-on-one consultation is also available.

"In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will only understand what we are taught."

Classroom Presentations

Classroom Presentations and speakers are available on specific subjects such as plant chemistry, extraction techniques, arthritis, women's health, nervous disorders, herbs for animals, high blood pressure, and more!

Herb Walks and Field Identification

California Poppy

Workshops and field trips are available to assist you in identifying plants in your local community, and to teach you how to collect and gather medicinal species.

Field Identification of plants is an excellent way to learn about medicinal herbs and the plants found in your local community. Look to our feet and we shall find many local plants commonly used and sold for nutrition, wellness, and medicinal herbal remedies. We will discuss and explore field identification, folklore, common herbal uses, and harvesting techniques.

Make your own Herbal Medicine

Extraction Glassware

Bring a coffee mug to sip some warming tea blends while we learn to make various herbal products for the home! This hands-on class will include the preparation of your own take-home herbal tincture and a natural herbal tea. Each participant takes home samples and an herbal recipe guide.

Hands-on "laboratory" workshops provide experience learning how to extract plants for their maximum medicinal value.

Preparing different types of herbs, tinctures, creams, gifts and more!

Remedies for Colds and Flu

The respiratory system is intricate and vital to avoid winter stress. Keep yourself and your family healthy during the winter season. We’ll review preventative care for keeping colds and flus at bay, and you will learn about a number of herbal practices for assisting in treatment of common cold and flu symptoms. Each participant takes home samples and an herbal recipe guide.