Generation Green Art Workshops

Put the "mental" in environmental with these wacky recycled art workshops!

Art on the Web

Generation Green’s Trashopia brings you a network of wonderful reuse artists.


Details on how to throw a Trashy Fashion Show.

Materials Exchange

A list of places to get recycled materials for art.

Reuse Forums

Places to discuss reuse.

Reuse Crafts

A list of sites with reuse ideas.

Discards Wanted

The Dumpster Diversion Project - saving strange things in the name of art and education. If it's dead or just sitting in a junk drawer, think about donating it!


Recycling information.

Recycling News

Bi-monthly Northern CA recycling news.

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Environmental Workshops

Generation Green and its partners in the community offer a number of workshops for your school, program, or group. We also work with people who have their own curricula.

Reuse Centers for Artist Supplies

If you are interested in art from recycled materials, check out these resources.

Dumpster Diversion Project

For more information and for donation drop-off please contact R.C. aka The Dumpster Diva:

Tel: (925) 671-7508


East Bay Depot

East Bay East Bay Depot is a nonprofit organization in Oakland, CA that collects discarded materials from businesses and manufacturers and makes them available to teachers, artists, and the public. Tel: (510) 547-6470


SCRAP Scroungers' Center for Re-Usable Art Parts (SCRAP) acts as a nonprofit conduit for unwanted materials. SCRAP collects materials from businesses and individuals that would other wise be throw away, and distributes them to art and educational groups.


RAFT Resource Area For Teachers (RAFT) is a nonprofit organization in Sunnyvale, CA, that funnels business surplus materials to schools and community groups for creative learning and play.

Urban Ore As-Is Center recyles items for reuse and designs design disposal facilities for zero waste.

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Online Materials Exchange

If you have never perused through Calmax, do it now!

Contra Costa is proud to have CoCoMax!